Cheeki Stainless Steel Silver Bottle 500ml

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Cheeki Stainless Steel Silver Bottle 500ml 13%off

Stainless Steel Silver Bottle 500ml

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Product Description

Durable water bottles in 500mL/750mL/1L sizes and an array of colours Hygienic food-grade stainless steel with no BPA or other toxins Comes with a flip-top sports lid as well as a standard carabiner lid Cheeki’s Stainless Steel Silver 500ml bottle is made from unlined premium Grade 304 (18/8) stainless steel printed with nontoxic inks, and they all come with two BPA-free lids: astandard carabiner version and a flip-top suitable for sports use. Choose a 500mL (20.5cm tall), 750mL (25.0cm tall), or 1 litre (29.5cm tall) bottle and hit the road, the gym, the trail or the beach with the hydration you need and the ecofriendly style you’ll love to show off.

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