Healthy Essentials Probiotic Pwdr Childrens 60gm

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Healthy Essentials Probiotic  Pwdr Childrens 60gm 32%off

Healthy Essentials
Probiotic Pwdr Childrens 60gm

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Product Description

Healthy Essentials Children’s Probiotic Powder has been scientifically developed for children with 6 patented freeze dried probiotic strains plus prebiotic Litesse to promote growth. All strains Acid & Bile resistant for improved effectiveness. Formulated in consultation with Danisco, the world leader in probiotic culture and enzyme research. Key Health Benefits: Rebuilds a healthy digestive function after use of antibiotics Fortifies the immune system May minimise symptoms of eczema May assist to reduce the onset of hayfever in children under 8 years Encourages healthy bowel movements Assists with management of IBS Supports ideal health and wellbeing Free From: Gluten Lactose Yeast Casein Matodextrin  Corn Preservatives Flavours/Colours

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