Hilde Hemmes Herbals Hilde Hemmes ProstaLobium 1000mg x 60caps

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Hilde Hemmes ProstaLobium 1000mg x 60caps 12%off

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Hilde Hemmes ProstaLobium 1000mg x 60caps

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ProstaLobium contains the herb epilobium, a traditionally-used western herbal medicine that maintains normal prostate and urinary tract function. The prostate gland is located in the male genital area and positioned behind the base of the penis, immediately below the bladder and surrounds the urethra (the urinary tube that leads from the bladder to the outside). Once a man reaches the age of 45, prostate health becomes of high importance. It is an important gland of the male reproductive system whose main function is to produce an alkaline fluid. This fluid is secreted continuously, and the excess passes from the body into the urine. The rate of secretion increases greatly during sexual stimulation and the fluid contributes to the bulk of the semen. Proper prostate secretion is thus essential to proper sperm action. Taken on a regular basis,  ProstaLobium has anti-inflammatory and exudative properties. Features / Benefits: Contains appropriate information based on latest findings. Easy-to-swallow capsule with no unpleasant taste. Contains no artificial colours, preservatives, caffeine, gluten, sugars or lactose. Capsule shell made from vegetable origin - suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Ingredients: Each capsule contains: extract equivalent to dried Epilobium parviflorum herb 1 g (1000 mg) Dose:  Take one capsule before breakfast and one 1/2 hour before the evening meal. Adults:  Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your doctor/healthcare professional.

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