Loving Earth Agave Syrup Light 1000ml

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Loving Earth Agave Syrup Light 1000ml 13%off

Loving Earth
Agave Syrup Light 1000ml

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The unprocessed juice of the Mexican agave cactus is rich in the dietary fibre inulin, which is broken down into fructose by a naturally occurring enzyme to give this dark agave syrup from Loving Earth the same sweetness found in fruits and honey. The syrup is an excellent all-purpose sweetener with a low glycaemic index. It releases energy slowly and is an especially good option for diabetics. The light version is filtered, with a more subtle cactus-and-vanilla flavour that makes it a particularly versatile mixer. Low glycaemic index Gluten free Fair trade Vegan Organic Package size: 1000ml Ingredients: agave syrup

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