Loving Earth Raw Organic Purple Kale Chips 8x40g

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Loving Earth Raw Organic Purple Kale Chips 8x40g 13%off

Loving Earth
Raw Organic Purple Kale Chips 8x40g

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To prepare their Purple Kale Chips, Loving Earth dehydrates whole kale leaves at low temperatures until they’re satisfyingly crispy, then mixes them with Styrian pumpkin seeds from Austria, grated carrot and beetroot, chia seeds, and zesty flavourings including coconut and apple cider vinegar and pink lake salt. Coconut nectar adds a dash of low-GI sweetness. Kale is high in vitamins A and C and the minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium. Loving Earth uses only certified organic kale sustainably grown on Australian farms. Good source of vitamins A and C High in calcium, magnesium and potassium  Low glycaemic index Gluten and dairy free No cane sugar Fair trade Vegan Organic  Package size: 8 x 40g packs Ingredients: kale, pumpkin seeds, carrot, lemon juice, coconut amino sauce (coconut vinegar, coconut syrup, coconut sugar, bird’s eye chilli, garlic, onion powder, sea salt), beetroot, evaporated coconut nectar, olive oil, chia seeds, apple cider vinegar, pink lake salt

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