Manuka Health MGO 250+ Manuka Honey 1kg

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Manuka Health MGO 250+ Manuka Honey 1kg 13%off

Manuka Health
MGO 250+ Manuka Honey 1kg

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Manuka honey is a natural product that exhibits significant variations in quality depending on the source. For example, methylglyoxal, one of the bioactive compounds for which Manuka is most valued, is barely present in inferior grades. But with honey from Manuka Health you know exactly what you’re getting, thanks to their trademarked MGO ratings. Under this system, the company tests each batch of Manuka and certifies its methylglyoxal content right on the jar, making it easy for you to choose the right honey for your needs and your budget. This MGO 250+ grade is guaranteed to contain no less than 250mg/kg of methylglyoxal, which is considered to be a medium potency honey good for general use. Like all Manuka Health honeys, it’s sustainably collected in the unpolluted wilds of New Zealand.

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