Synergy Organic Wheat Grass Powder 200g

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Synergy Organic Wheat Grass Powder 200g 16%off

Organic Wheat Grass Powder 200g

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Synergy Wheat Grass provides a large range of bioavailable nutrients, that are more effectively absorbable than those found in synthetic formulations. An affordable and convenient way of contributing to your 5 + daily servings of vegetables, makes it an ideal inclusion in a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle. Synergy Wheat Grass is high in iron, fibre and protein, plus numerous antioxidants, and a rich source of chlorophyll. This wonderfully alkalising food can help deal with over-acidity in the body. Cultivated outside in an environmentally pure part of Australia, Synergy Wheat Grass is harvested at the nutritional peak and dried within 30 minutes to lock in the greatest nutrients. The grass is powdered using compressed air to prevent damage by excessive heat produced by regular grinding methods, and preserve the integrity of all its naturally occurring properties. Unlike wheat grain, Wheat Grass contains no gluten. Ingredients: 100% pure, certified organic whole leaf Wheat Grass powder (Triticum aestivum). No additives, fillers, colours or preservatives.

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