Well Naturally Well,naturally NAS Choc Fruit&Nut 16x45gm

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Well,naturally NAS Choc Fruit&Nut 16x45gm 13%off

Well Naturally
Well,naturally NAS Choc Fruit&Nut 16x45gm

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That creamy, velvety-smooth chocolate experience you crave will now appeal to your tastebuds, and your guilty conscience, thanks to Well Naturally No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate. We’ve substituted the sweetness of sugar with natural, plant-based sweetener, stevia. Unlike sugar, stevia has no calories. The result is a delightful, creamy, milk chocolate treat that has around 80% less sugar (and 80% less guilt) that regular milk chocolate. So, who needs sugar?! Ingredients: Cocoa mass & cocoa butter, milk solids (milk powder, milk fat), polydextrose (soluble dietary fibre), erythritol, currants 5%, almonds 5%, soy lecithin (emulsifier), flavours, stevia (natural sweetener). Chocolate contains 34% cocoa solids and 24% milk solids. 80% less sugar than regular milk chocolate* * Sugar content naturally derived from ingredients Contains Milk, treenuts and soy ingredients. Made on the same equipment as products containing peanuts.

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