YesYouCan Buckwheat Pancake G/F 280g

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YesYouCan Buckwheat Pancake G/F 280g 21%off

Buckwheat Pancake G/F 280g

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All Gluten-free eaters can now indulge in YesYouCan products that consists of a wide range of delicious and healthy breads, cakes, pancakes, muffins, pizza, flours and reduced sodium salt. Once you try YesYouCan Buckwheat Pancakes, you'll have the benefits of eating healthy while enjoying gluten- free pancakes at breakfast time. All YesYouCan products are gluten, yeast and wheat free. Ingredients: Buckwheat flour (47%), maize starch, sugar, soy flour, whole egg powder, glucose syrup solids, fructose, raising agents (450,500), vegetable oil, mineral salt (341), salt, thickener (415).

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