Blackmores Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding Gold

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Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding Gold

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Blackmores Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding Gold supports both mother & baby during pregnancy & breast-feeding, providing a daily dose of 20 important nutrients including folic acid, iodine, DHA and vitamin D3, along with alow-constipation, low nausea form of iron. Comprehensive formula including iodine, omega-3s and a low constipation, low nausea form of iron. Now in a smaller capsule. Halal Certified. TAPS PP9865This product is Certified Sustainable by Friends of the Sea (FOS) &/ or Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). For more on our Marine Sustainability Policy and our other strict product standards see our Good Ingredients Promise. If you have had a baby with a neural tube defect you should seek specific medical advice. Iodine may interfere with treatment for thyroid conditions. Consult your healthcare professional before use if being treated for thyroid diease. If taking tetracycline or quinolone antibiotics, bisphosphonates (osteoporosis drugs), thyroid hormone, methyldopa, carbidopa or levodopa or penicillamine separate doses by at least 2 hours. Calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron may decrease absorption and efficacy of these medications. This product contains Chromium. People with diagnosed diabetes should check with their doctor as blood sugar levels could be altered when using this product. A Note on Folic Acid & Pregnancy Multivitamin Formulas: The NZ Ministry of Health (MOH) restricts the amount of folic acid available in non-pharmacy nutritional supplements to 300mcg. Some sources, including the MOH's own guidelines, indicate that a higher daily intake (e.g. 600-800mcg plus) of Folic Acid is more appropriate, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. This product contains selenium which is toxic in high doses. A daily dose of 150 micrograms for adults of selenium from dietary supplements should not be exceeded. Adults: Take 2 capsules daily with food, or as professionally prescribed. Each Capsule Contains:Concentrated omega-3 triglycerides fish 250mg Containing omega-3 marine triglycerides 150mg Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 125mg Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) 25mgNicotinamide 9mg Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 30mg Calcium carbonate (calcium 50mg) 125mg Biotin 15g Iron (II) glycinate (iron 5mg) 19.22mg Zinc oxide (zinc 5.5mg) 6.82mg Magnesium oxide-heavy (magnesium 35mg) 58.1mg Selenomethionine (selenium 32.5g) 81.3g Chromium picolinate (chromium 15g) 121g Thiamine nitrate (vitamin B1) 700g Riboflavin (vitamin B2) 700g Calcium pantothenate (pantothenic acid, vitamin B5 2.5mg) 2.73mg Pyridoxine hydrochloride (pyridoxine, vitamin B6 950g) 1.16mg Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) 1.3g Cholecalciferol (vitamin D 360IU) 9g Folic acid 250g d-alpha-Tocopherol (natural vitamin E 5.22IU) 3.5mg Potassium iodide (iodine 75g) 98.3g Betacarotene (as Dunaliella salina extract equivalent to fresh cell 60mg) 2.4mgAlso contains: Soybean oil, lecithin, beeswax, hydrogenated vegetable oil. Shell: Gelatin, glycerine, purified water, iron oxide black, red iron oxide, vanillin. Pregnancy & breast-feeding

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