PetBalance Organic Slippery Elm for Dogs

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Organic Slippery Elm for Dogs

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PetBalance Organic Slippery Elm For Dogs supports healthy digestion and bowel regularity. The inner bark of the slippery elm tree is rich in mucilage, which is an easily digestible long chain of sugars. When combined with water, it creates a slippery, nutrient-rich substance that coats the respiratory and digestive tract, soothing and clearing it of accumulated toxins. Always ensure your pet has access to plenty of clean water as slippery elm absorbs a lot of moisture, so they may be more thirsty. PetBalance Organic Slippery Elm For Dogs is sourced from certified farms committed to sustainable harvest practices. If symptoms persist stop dosage and seek veterinary advice. This product is not intended to replace the care of your animal by a qualified healthcare professional. Store below 30C in a dry place. Keep away from children.General supplement to weight ratio: Mix 1/4 teaspoon for every 5kg of body weight, then combine with food. Give 1/8 teaspoon per day for dogs smaller than 5kg of body weight.Serving Size: 1/4 tsp (0.5g) Servings Per Container: 250Average Quantity Per Serving100% Organic Slippery Elm 500mgFree from: Flavourings, sweeteners, yeast, corn, wheat, gluten or preservativesSupport For Healthy digestive system Bowel regularity Treatment of diarrhoea

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