Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Deodorant

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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Deodorant 16%off

Thursday Plantation
Tea Tree Deodorant

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Product Description

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Deodorant keeps you fresh and dry without skin irritation, and helps fight odour. This product utilises the bactericidal properties of Tea Tree Oil to kill odour-causing bacteria which grow in perspiration on the skin. Ordinary antiperspirants use aluminium or zirconium salts to reduce the pore openings. These block the openings and prevents perspiration from escaping. Thursday Plantation deodorant and anti-perspirant is not based on a possibly harmful astringent which artificially inhibits the normal physiological function of perspiring. It is based on natural tea tree oil which eliminates putrification bacteria, preventing the bad odour which results from bacterial breakdown of body moisture. Features & Benefits: Contains 100% pure Tea Tree Oil Aluminium free Low-irritant

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