Mutant Mass - Cookies & Cream (2.22kg)

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Mass - Cookies & Cream (2.22kg)

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Product Description

How good is MUTANT MASS? In a real world test, 23 experienced weight trainers used MUTANT MASS for 10 days and the results were: 96% liked the taste!

Average weight gain in just 10 days was 3.7lbs! 92% reported increases in bicep AND chest measurements! 87% reported reduced body fat. 92% reported increased energy. 87% reported they felt their muscles were tighter and stronger! 100% would recommend it to others wanting to add LEAN mass!

MUTANT MASS was developed over 2 years of research and is based on sound, proven science. More importantly though, the finished MUTANT MASS formula was
also tested in the gym, where it was put through its paces by real life bodybuilders and strength athletes. The results? If you add just 2 serving’s (2 scoops) of MUTANT MASS per day to your routine, you can add up to 5lbs of fat free muscle in just the next 14 days, increase your bench press by 10–20lbs and boost your chest size by 2.5 centimetres. That’s not rocket science that’s just MUTANT MASS doing its amazing job.

Features the World's Most Complete Protein Matrix:
Every serving (2 scoops) of Mutant Mass delivers 26 grams of muscle-building protein featuring the Mutant Pro Multi-Staged 10 Protein Matrix. The unique protein matrix found in Mutant Mass supplies the body with 10 complete protein sources, which provides an immediate and long-lasting increase in protein synthesis!

When you combine the powerful protein matrix with the other key anabolic nutrients found in Mutant Mass, you have the ultimate formula for rapid gains in rockhard mass!

The Benefits of Multiple Protein Sources
A wide variety of protein sources deliver a vast cross spectrum of amino acids, which triggers greater uptake by muscle cells. The multi staged protein matrix found in Mutant Mass is designed to shuttle more usable protein into your muscles and flood them with a continuous supply of muscle-building amino acids — all day and all night!

Mutant Mass:

  • Includes Mutant Pro's multi-staged protein formula
  • Contains a whopping 26 grams of amino acids per serving
  • Utilizes Clean-Carb™ featuring waxy maize
  • Comes with added Lipo-Therm™ Sport Oil Matrix with MCTs
  • Contains Intrasorb-5™ with Colostrum & Cinnulin-PF®
  • Mixes easily & tastes incredible

NOTE: Formulated supplementary sports food. Not to be used as a sole source of nutrition. Should be eaten in conjunction with a nutritious diet & appropriate physical training or exercise programme. Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women: Should only be used under medical or Dietetic supervision.

Please note: nutritional information is to be used as a guide only, actual values may differ slightly between flavours and sizes.