Erno Laszlo Firmarine Cleansing Bar 100g

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Erno Laszlo Firmarine Cleansing Bar 100g 37%off

Erno Laszlo
Firmarine Cleansing Bar 100g

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Product Description

Our refreshing cleansing bar strengthens skin's barrier to renew and firm the skin. A unique delivery system releases ingredients gradually over time to ensure activity long after cleansing, for visibly firmer, smoother skin. 
*Benefits* * Strengthens: Nano-encapsulated Spirulina Maxima and other key ingredients ensure maximum nutritional benefits are delivered to the skin to fortify the epidermal layer.
* Purifies: Removes impurities and excess oil as vital nutrients adhere to the skin.
* Nourishes: Algae Extract balances and binds moisture to the skin, leaving it clean and soft.
* Spirulina Maxima encourages collagen production.
* Antioxidant Vitamins C and E protect against environmental damage.
* Shea Butter smoothes and deeply moisturizes.

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